The Perfect Beverages For Hosting A Professional Spa Party

Offering beverages as part of your spa party package is a great way to step up your spa’s game and the customers will love it!

There’s a whole world of drink choices for you, but the ones that would perfectly suit your spa party offerings are here. We handpicked these because (a) they are so good your guests will think you hired a 5-star bartender, and (b) they are so easy you or anyone in the team with the slightest kitchen skill can do it.  Some don’t even require any skill other than knowing how to pour the drink from the bottle to the glasses. It’s that easy!

Loop Linen Blog - Delicious Beverages for a Spa Party


Delicious Beverages for a Spa Party

  • Jasmine Tea – everyone loves a good tea, but jasmine has a particularly relaxing effect. Take out your favorite tea set and serve your jasmine tea as warm welcome drinks. You can also serve them cold.
  • Champagne – this is an all-time favorite for bachelorette parties, because who doesn’t love a little bubbly while soaking your feet in a bubble foot bath?
  • Infused water– if you’re into the whole holistic-healthy-Zen vibe for your spa party, open it with ice cold infused water concoctions – cucumber, lemon, apple, watermelon, mint, fresh berry slices or a combination of some of these ingredients. Tastes healthy, looks divine.
  • Sangria – it’s fruity, it’s sweet, and it’s the best way to get into the summer spirit (even in the middle of a cold stark winter). What’s not to love about this passionate drink? Here’s an easy red wine sangria recipe from
  • Cucumber Margaritas – Cucumber will take care of the spa, margaritas will have the party. This refreshing recipe from is so quick your guests’ manicures won’t even be dry enough by the time you’re done with these drinks. It’s a great make-ahead too!
  • Strawberry Piña Colada – This pretty little pink drink will define what an all-girl spa party should look like – pink, sweet, fluffy, and oh-so-perfectly pretty. has the perfectly easy recipe!
  • Tomato Peach Spritzer – this mocktail packs on the punch if you’re looking for something that tastes great, tastes (and is) healthy, and looks Instagram-worthy even without the filters – hashtag delish! Go for this vegetarian-approved recipe from to impress your vegetarian guests.

What are you waiting for? Serve up your epic spa party with yummy refreshments. But before you get ready to take on bartending as a side business keep us in mind at Loop Linen Service for your spa’s sheets and towel service!