Kenner Linen Services

What are you looking for in your Kenner linen services? Reliability? Punctuality? High standards in services? Best quality linens? Value for money? If you’re looking for all of them – and more – Loop Linen is the place to go! We are Louisiana’s top choice for linen and mat services and we have been since 1929.

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One Stop Shop

We have everything you would need for your Kenner linen and mat service needs:

  • Restaurant Linens and Uniforms
  • Medical Linen and Apparel
  • Floor Mat Services

We Have History

Loop Linen has been in the business of helping companies manage linens, uniforms, apparels, and mats since 1929. We are managed by the fourth generation of the same family that built the company more than 80 years ago; and while we have advanced in our technologies and systems, we are still grounded on the same values that our pioneers have founded the company on. And to this day, Loop Linen is still as driven to provide complete customer satisfaction as we had been all this time.

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