Baton Rouge Linen Services

When you’re working so hard for your business, your linen service company should work just as hard for your linens too! That is why your Baton Rouge business deserves the services of Loop Linen. We have been in business for more than eight decades, and each year and each client that came with all those years a testament to the kind of work that we do: nothing short of the best.

Call Loop Linen today at 1-800-337-3401 and be part of our long list of happy, satisfied clients!

All the Services You Need
Loop Linen has all the services you need for your linen and mat service needs:

  • Restaurant Linens and Uniforms
  • Medical Linen and Apparel
  • Floor Mat Services

Your Satisfaction is Our Motivation
Every year we’ve spent in business and every client that we serve – new and old – give us a new drive to get better at what we do than we’ve ever been. Today, Loop Linen is one of– if not the most reliable linen and mat rentals and service company you’ll find in all of Louisiana. All these years and we’re still driven by the same desire to satisfy our customers by using the best technologies, designing the best systems, and always making sure your needs are met and expectations exceeded.

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