Top Five Foods To Eat When Parading Through The City Of New Orleans

Loop Linen New Orleans Food Choices

Planning a trip to the Big Easy? New Orleans is a place popular for its food, with roots ranging from Spanish, French, and even West African. However, when one arrives they are overwhelmed by the vast amount of dining spots. Here are a list of the five most important meals to check off from your New Orleans dining list.

1. Crawfish

In New Orleans, it is imperative to locate some well-seasoned crawfish. When seasoned right, in a classic New Orleans style, there is a burst of flavor which explodes when you pop one of these succulent creatures in your mouth. There are a multitude of craw fish restaurants in the city where someone can discover a new-found or current love for seafood.

2. Beignets

Historically popular, beignets are a must-try in New Orleans. When looking for a quick snack in between taking snapshots of the French Quarter and touring the city, beignets and coffee are something that will take only ten minutes, just in time to get back to walking the streets of New Orleans.

3. Po’boys

This hidden gem has customers salivating with every sandwich made. There are several versions of the meaning for the term Po’boy, and there are even more variations for the actual sandwiches. The most common Po’boys are ones with shrimp, oysters, craw fish, chicken, and fries.

4. Grilled Oysters

New Orleans is a peninsular city, with the Gulf of Mexico surrounding it and the Mississippi River running through it. Seafood is extremely popular due to this, and if you enjoyed the crawfish you’ll love grilled oysters! Slurp up these yummy sea creatures and feel drifted off into a new universe.

5. Gumbo

A traditional Louisiana style dish, Gumbo is popular as it is delicious and filling. This dish is made with a mix of vegetables, sausage, and chicken. The chicken can also be replaced with shrimp or crawfish, or the shellfish can be added in addition to the chicken. This mix is cooked in a sauce and then spread over a bed of rice. Add a side of cornbread and you won’t be hungry for the rest of the day!

Final Tip

New Orleans offers a wide range of cuisine to try out, and whichever restaurant you choose to dine in will be just as amazing. For New Orleans restaurant owners, get quality tablecloths, napkins, aprons, and mats by contacting us at 1-800-337-3401 or emailing us at