Loop Linen Service, Inc. is a Hygienically Clean Healthcare Certified Laundry

Loop Linen TRSA Certified Hygienically Clean Healthcare

Loop Linen Service, Inc. is pleased to announce that TRSA has recognized us as meeting their hygienic standards and best management practices for healthcare. We are the only linen supply and commercial laundry to earn this distinction in our service area of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.

Loop Linen Service, Inc.
Mar. 7, 2014 – WESTWEGO, LA. – Laundries that earn the TRSA Hygienically Clean Healthcare certification mean that they have met TRSA’s criteria when it comes to disinfection of their commercial laundry operation. We have proven that we stick to the protocol of having separate facilities for our soiled linen, equipment and clean products, all designed to keep bacteria to a minimum. This design and our procedures improve our finished product and keep our facility safe for our company employees. We keep scheduled documents on our maintenance schedules, cleaning supplies and equipment care. A TRSA Hygienically Clean Healthcare certified facility washes, dries, irons and packages products using techniques that meet highest industry and TRSA cleanliness standards.

There are guidelines which TRSA abides by in order to qualify a commercial laundry service company as a Hygienically Clean Healthcare facility. They measure the levels of pathogens on linen and uniform items to ensure that the amounts of pathogens meet the highest laundry standards – posing no threat to humans or the spread of illnesses.

Being Hygienically Clean vs. Hygienically Clean Healthcare: A certified TRSA Hygienically Clean Healthcare facility means that we have complied with a more stringent variety of safety and health regulations, especially with OSHA’s blood borne pathogen regulations. To attain the standard Hygienically Clean certification, a laundry must pass Microbiological standards set by the TRSA. TRSA then reviews the documentation and observes our operation. After the initial inspection, the facility is examined every three years.

Our operation has passed this test and now benefits from being recognized as a Hygienically Clean – Healthcare commercial laundry facility. We are proud to say we have TRSA’s 100+ years of research, data and commercial laundry experience further validating what our existing customers already know. Loop Linen Service, family owned and operated company for 85+ years continues to be the industry leader in quality, service and safety delivering linen and uniforms from New Orleans, LA to Mobile, AL.

Loop Linen Service, Inc.