Loop Linen Service, Inc. is a Hygienically Clean Food Service Certified Laundry


Loop Linen Service, Inc. is pleased to announce that TRSA has recognized us for meeting their hygienic standards and best management practices for the food service industry.

Our Westwego LA facility has received the TRSA Hygienically Clean Food Service certification after rigorous testing and evaluation.

Laundries that earn the TRSA Hygienically Clean Food Service certification have met TRSA’s criteria when it comes to disinfection of their commercial laundry operation. A TRSA Hygienically Clean Food Service-certified facility washes, dries, irons and packages products using techniques that meet highest industry and TRSA cleanliness standards.

To earn this certification, our laundry is inspected by Hygienically Clean Food Service officials, who examine our washing and drying, garment inspection, and transportation procedures. From the detergent formulas we use to the temperature of the water, nothing about our laundry procedure gets left out. Our entire operational flowchart is also evaluated, so that every linen’s journey through our facility is carefully documented, from pickup and sorting of soiled items to the sorting and delivery of clean laundry

Our operation has passed this rigorous testing and now benefits from being recognized as a Hygienically Clean Food Service commercial laundry facility. We are proud to say we have TRSA’s 100+ years of research, data and commercial laundry experience further validating what our existing customers already know. Loop Linen Service, a family-owned-and-operated company for 85+ years, continues to be an industry leader in quality, service and safety, delivering superior linen and uniforms.