Decorate Your Restaurant’s Tables With Pizzaz Affordably

Spice up you restaurants tables linens and napkins


While you can’t possibly change your tables every time you want to spice up your restaurant’s look, you should try something new for special occasions. Go beyond the vase of blooms to go with your quality tablecloths and napkins! Here are a few new things you can try out to freshen up that boring table setup:

  • Mason Jars – these are the perfect for a rustic look and they don’t really need to be exclusive to sweet teas and lemonades. A trio of smaller mason jars with small spoons would work perfectly as spice jars. You can also go for larger ones and fill them with floating flowers.
  • Fortune bowl – a bowlful of colorful secret messages are your best alternative to the complicated fortune cookie! Drop in some pebbles or marbles, write cryptic pseudo-psychic messages a la classic fortune cookies, or fill in with some ice breaker questions. This idea isn’t just a great unconventional alternative centerpiece; it’s a great way to keep guests entertained too!
  • Pottery – artisan pottery are always a beautiful addition to a table. An effective trick on this is the classic three-pot-on-bowl. It gives the look a little more density, character and variation. Don’t focus too much on finding “perfect” pots; those quirky, slanted, dented, leaning imperfections will make your tables look even more rustic.
  • Fruit arrangement – who says only flowers are decorative? The secret to successfully puling this off and not look like a farmer’s market stall (1) put them on a decorative tray or bowl; (2) go for variety in size; (3) avoid too bright a color palette unless you want your table to look like a Carmen Miranda-Tutti-Frutti headpiece. And don’t forget to utilize the fruits that are in season!

Final Tip

Don’t get too carried away with the decors and never forget that the right kind, quality, and color of table linens will complete the look of any restaurant table!

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