Hiring A Commercial Laundry Service for Pediatric Hospitals & Clinics

Pediatric Hospital Linen Service

Babies have extremely sensitive skin which makes them very vulnerable to the chemicals used in common store-bought detergents.  Even ones advertised as the ‘mildest’ and the ‘safest for babies’ may not actually be as safe as they claim to be.  Organic, chemical-free laundry detergents are becoming increasingly popular options not only true among parents but also among hospital administrators especially when handling sheets, blankets, and gowns used in their pediatric and neonatal wards.

The Benefits of Using Our Qualified Commercial Laundry Service

Using our service offers your pediatric center the following benefits:

• We are a Hygienically Clean Healthcare Facility – and we are the only facility in our service area of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama to receive this certification.  What this means is we have perfected the techniques needed in the healthcare industry to properly launder hospital linens and meet the highest industry standards in cleanliness.

• We use only the safest and most gentle formula to properly launder these delicate linens.  The detergents we use are just as effective as their chemical counterparts but without the harshness.  There are many elements that make up the usual detergents that are unnecessary as far as laundering pediatric linens are concerned and these are usually the ones that are harshest on babies’ skin.

• We ensure every linen is handled with the utmost care.  You will receive your linens on time and ready for use, with every delivery.

Professional and Safe Medical Linen Services

In the hands of inexperienced laundry service contractors, poor handling, and improper equipment, even the most effective and safest of organic detergents become ineffective.

We at Loop Linen are dedicated to providing safe and quality service when handling medical linens for infants.  We have several decades of practice in the field, and countless happy customers to prove our expertise. Our staff, machinery, and commitment to quality and customer satisfaction are unmatched by any of our competitors.

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Don’t risk your hospital linens with just anyone. We are Louisiana’s most trusted for the most demanding and delicate of infant medical linens. Call us at (504) 341 3401 for questions, quotes, or service requests or email: info@looplinen.com.